About Us

Delivered Dinners is a service that is dedicated to providing delicious, quality meals for you and your family's table. Our monthly menu offers a variety of seasonal dishes that are completely prepared, cooked, and ready to eat!

Delivered Dinners was inspired by a passion for cooking delicious dishes and having them delivered to you. The desire to answer the age old question; “what’s for dinner”, or supper, depending on what your mama called it.

The result, a unique online kitchen that offers healthy and delicious meals, delivered right to your door. We combine nutrition and culinary excellence to prepare fresh and delicious meals. Dinners are created from a wide variety of culinary backgrounds, and generational passed down recipes. Everything is made from the freshest ingredients, our meal selections are chef-crafted, prepared oversized generous portions, and delivered ready to eat. No grocery shopping, no prep work, no cooking, and no clean up, Delivered Dinners are delicious, easy and convenient.

We prep, cook & deliver
Delivered Dinners is a healthy meal delivery service, you no longer have to compromise nutrition for convenience or flavor, and we do all the meal prep for you.

Good-for-You Just Got Easy
Ordering Pizza or fast food delivery makes a great treat, but we all know it’s really not healthy for you

With life being so busy – between working, being a parent and just everyday life, sometimes it’s even hard to think about what to make for dinner. Give yourself time away from the grocery store and kitchen prep, schedule your day to have a delicious, fully prepared, ready to eat meal, delivered to your door.
Not a meal delivery kit! You’re served a ready to eat, chef prepared full course dinner. No prep required, just browse, click, then sit and eat.

Our Values

We’re committed to giving to organizations doing great work in areas consistent with our mission and values. These include, but are not limited to the following:
• Healthy food access to hungry children
• Children’s nutrition and health
• Family wellness and elderly meal assistance
• Locally sourced products and vendors

Safety Protocols
Safety is always first, we insure your safety by adhering to all State and Federal guidelines regarding sanitation, food preparation and contactless delivery. Extreme measures will continually be taken to insure your safety every day, we appreciate your patronage.

Just pick and click, no prep, no mess.